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Important information

At the beginning of 2016 we will limit the activity of our company and we will not accept new orders. The reason for this step is the retirement of owners and executives of the company.

Running orders will be fully completed and all commercial and financial obligations of the company will be met, including liabilities arising from provided guarantees. We will also provide advice and consultations to our actual customers on existing phone numbers and e-mails.

On our recent activities will establish our colleagues, Ing. Igor Čech (igor.cech@cz.abb.com,
+420 735 159 004) and Ing. Rostislav Martinák (rostislav.martinak@cz.abb.com, +420 736 765 825). They will become employees of ABB Power Generation unit PAPG, Škrobárenská 502/1, 617 00 Brno and will provide services and supplies to a similar extent as before KOMPEL company and they can additionally benefit from the cooperation with the other departments of the ABB company. Contemporaneously we will provide advice and consultations to employees of the ABB Power Generation company at least one year to build on our longstanding expertise. Their mobile phone numbers remain the same as before. Furthermore, we attach the contact on Mr. Evžen Malý, the director of the service unit of the ABB Power Generation PAPG –Phone: +420 731 552 547, e-mail: evzen.maly@cz.abb.com.

  • Does your company operate the network feeding non-linear consumers - rectifiers and frequency drive converters, traction rectifiers, electrolyses, arc and induction furnaces, medium-frequency heating units?
  • Are you manufacturers or suppliers of such devices or do you intend to connect a similar device to the network?
  • Do you have problems with interferences of your interior wiring or are you the source of interferences in the power supply network? Does the el. power supplier threaten to impose penalties or even to disconnect you from power offtake?
  • Isn’t function of your compensation device satisfactory or do you even not have any satisfactory compensation and therefore you pay el. power price markups or fines?
  • Do you pay to the distribution companies for unsolicited reactive energy supplies to the network?
  • Do you need to replace you unsatisfactory rotary compensator?

Should you answer any of the questions above positively,
the company KOMPEL is here for you.

It pays to resolve special issues with a specialized company.

Under our assistance you will acquire the compensation, you really need.

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