Indoor construction

Automatic reactive power compensators of indoor version are suitable for central and group compensation in the networks affected by harmonics only negligibly. The compensation device consists of individual steps of suitably selected power, capacitors of which are switched by vacuum contactors. We use high-quality capacitors with environment friendly impregnating material, indoor roll fuses, built-in bleed (discharge) resistors and pressure safety contact. The vacuum contactors, characterized by high reliability and service life, serve as step change-over switches. Transient phenomena during switching are limited by special reactors. Individual steps (stages) are protected from short circuit by drop out fuses characterized by high resistance to frequent switching. The whole compensator is controlled by a reliable micro-processor actuator suitable for HV applications, the control inputs of which can be connected to the supply line 6 or 10 kV as well as to the supply line of the superior network enabling to compensate power take-off as a complex whole. The compensation device can be remote monitored and controlled.
The compensation device can also be delivered with quick discharge of steps, thanks to which dynamic features of the device can be improved materially. In this configuration the device is suitable as replacement of the rotating compensators with less advantage operating features.
The Figure presents manufacture of a large compensation device 10 kV.
This compensation type can also be realized as a special version, e.g. for the mines as shown on the Figure below.